Unlock God-mode trading

Earn Experience Pips (XP) while you trade to earn rank promotions. Every promotion unlocks new power-ups and rewards until you reach God mode.


Earn XP to climb the ranks. Start and pass challenges, receive payouts, and complete our trading quests.

Rank 1
Rank 2
Rank 3
Rank 4
Rank 5
Rank 1
10 XP
28-day inactivity period

Enjoy the flexibility of an extra 14 days of inactivity; take the time you need to find the right set-ups without trying to beat the clock.

50% lower commissions

Your trading commissions are slashed by 50%, dropping your rate to just $3 per lot for FX and metals. Maximise your profits while we help to cover the costs.

7-day payout frequency

After your first payout, the interval will be reduced from 14 trading days to just 7.

Rank 2
25 XP
10% capital boost
You get an extra 10% added to your starting balance on all challenges, funded and scaled accounts to give you some extra firepower.
2% minimum payout
The minimum payout threshold is reduced to 2%, allowing you to take smaller, more frequent payouts.
5% extra profit share
Your profit share entitlement is increased by 5% at each tier, allowing you to reach a maximum performance fee of 95%.
4% daily loss
You get an extra 1% added to your daily loss limit to give you additional breathing room during the day.
Rank 3
50 XP
1:50 max leverage
As an advanced trader, you can get more exposure with higher leverage. This power-up increases your leverage from 1:30 to 1:50 on most products.
0 commission
We will absorb all trading commissions in your account, making it even easier to reach your goals.
15-day scaling interval
We cut the waiting time for scaling your funding by half. The minimum interval to scale is reduced from 30 trading days to just 15.
Free 50k account
Cross the 50 XP threshold and unlock a free 50k trading challenge, which is saved in your chest to use at any time.
Rank 4
100 XP
+1% max loss
Whether you choose static or trailing drawdown, you’ll get an additional 1% added to your max loss limit.
1% minimum payout
The minimum payout request is reduced to 1%, allowing you to reach payout even sooner.
Free 100k account
Cross the 100 XP threshold and unlock a free 100k trading challenge, which is saved in your chest to use at any time.
Rank 5
200 XP
5% daily loss
Get an extra 2% added to your daily loss limit, which gives you even more daily drawdown to withstand the pressures of the market.
Daily payouts
No more waiting for payouts. You can request payouts every single day.
100% scaling increment
We will increase your scaling increment from 50% to 100%. Therefore, your maximum allocation with a 200k account can reach $1M.
Free 200k account
Cross the 200 XP threshold and unlock a free 200k challenge, which is saved in your chest to use at any time.

Earn XP

Earn XP by demonstrating your trading experience to unlock new power-ups with PipFarm.

Climb the ladder

Earn XP for participating in the PipFarm funded trader program. Get points when start, pass and scale your account.


  • Start a challenge1+
  • Pass ID verification 2
  • Pass a challenge3
  • Receive a payout1
  • Scale up to level 22
  • Scale up to level 33
  • Scale up to level 44

Complete a quest

Earn XP by completing trading quests. New Quests are added periodically.

1 extra XP when you get paid

Get double XP for your next payout.

2 XP for making 200 pips

Make 200 pips in your account to earn 2 XP.

2 XP for a 5-day streak

If your account is profitable for 5 consecutive days, you’ll earn 2 XP.

1 XP for a 50 pip profit

Close a trade with 50 pips profit to earn 1 XP.

Frequently asked questions

Can I lose my XP?

No. You cannot lose, forfeit, spend, or transfer XP. The only circumstance when XP might be deducted is to correct a technical error.

How many times can I complete a quest?

Each quest can only be completed once per user. You cannot earn XP for completing the same quest multiple times.

How do I start a quest?

You don’t need to do anything to start a quest. Our system automatically monitors your trading activity, and if you complete the quest, you’ll be notified, and XP will be credited.

Can double scaling and capital boost be combined?

Unfortunately, the double scaling and 10% capital boost power-ups cannot work together. Therefore, when you achieve double scaling, the more advantageous feature, the 10% capital boost feature, will be disabled.

Can I disable a power-up?

Power-ups are applied automatically as they typically benefit traders. However. if you do not want to use a power-up or feature, please contact us to discuss options.

When can I use new power-ups?

If your rank changes while a trading account account is active, your new power-up will be available when you get a new account, for example, when you scale to a new level or purchase a new account.