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PipFarm cTrader platform

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cTrader overview

cTrader is renowned for its sleek, user-friendly, and adaptable interface, allowing you to customise your trading space with personalised layouts, colour schemes, templates, and the ability to detach charts for multi-monitor setups. But cTrader is more than just a pretty face. This platform was built for the smartest, sharpest and strongest traders.

Visual trade management

One of cTrader’s standout features is the seamless drag-and-drop chart trading functionality. This feature allows you to swiftly create and manage your orders and positions directly from the charts and make more informed decisions based on historical and current price action.

cTrader Chart Trading
cTrader price action

Supreme price action capabilities

cTrader gives you technical analysis superpowers by offering endless chart types and timeframes that can be laid out using multi-chart layouts, which satisfyingly snap into position and are conveniently linked, allowing you to monitor price action alongside the bigger picture.

Endless technical analysis tools

Don’t get lost in cTrader’s endless technical analysis tools. This platform offers over 70 indicators for identifying and confirming trends, momentum, volatility and volume. Easily modify, hide or delete your indicators and drawings to keep your workspace uncluttered.

cTrader technical analysis
cTrader Risk Reward

Intuitive risk calculation

cTrader offers endless ways to understand and monitor your risk. Use the risk-to-reward calculator on the chart to calculate position size based on targets or validate whether signals meet your criteria. Informative order windows make it easy to understand margin requirements and risks before entering any order order.

Automated trading

cTrader is renowned for its sophisticated automated trading features, offering a robust environment for developing, testing, backtesting, optimising and executing algorithmic trading strategies.

cTrader automated trading
cTrader analyse

Analyse your performance

You can meticulously scrutinise your trading account performance with cTrader’s native analysis feature. Get detailed statistical insights and visual charts to understand your trading habits, profit patterns, and potential areas for improvement. Understand your strengths and weaknesses to become a better trader

Enhanced trading precision

cTrader supports various order types to ensure you can enter and exit orders precisely.

Market orders ensure swift entry or exit, which is crucial in fast-paced markets.

Limit and stop orders provide price precision, which is vital for strategies reliant on specific price levels.

Stop-limit orders balance execution speed with price control, reducing slippage.

Trailing Stop Loss orders adapt to market movements, locking in profits while minimising losses.

OCO orders help prepare for different market scenarios and streamline trade management based on predefined conditions.

Advanced take profit offers strategic flexibility to lock in profits without committing to a single exit point.

Trigger stop loss at break-even ensures once a trade has moved in a favourable direction, it does not revert to a loss.

Market range orders combine the simplicity of market orders with the slippage protection of limit orders.

Trigger pending orders on the second consecutive price to minimise the risk of entering during short-term price spikes

cTrader is everywhere

Access your cTrader account from any device using the following links. Make sure to choose your PipFarm account from the dropdown.


Windows Desktop




Frequently asked questions

Can I copy trades from MT4 or MT5 to cTrader?

Yes. Several trade copier systems copy trades from MT4 or MT5 accounts to cTrader accounts. We recommend using the Heron Copier to copy trades from MT5 to cTrader. Join our Discord for a 35% discount.

How can I convert an MT4 or MT5 EA to cTrader?

Yes. Free tool stools, like, will automatically convert relatively simple EAs for cTrader. However, if your EA is complicated, we recommend using, a software development company specialised in cTrader building tools and automated trading systems for cTrader.

Which version of cTrader should I use?

You can log in to your PipFarm cTrader account using any version of cTrader. The platform uses cTrader ID, which lets you sign in to any version of cTrader and access all your live and demo accounts from different brokers and prop firms without switching servers or applications.

Can I get a cTrader demo account?

Unfortunately, it’s not yet possible to open a demo cTrader account with PipFarm. However, you can open a generic demo cTrader account on the Spotware website to try the platform features.

What can I trade on PipFarm cTrader?

You can find the list of trading instruments supported by PipFarm on our Instruments Page.