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PipFarm is not just about funding; it’s about powering growth, offering support, and celebrating every milestone achieved on your path to becoming a successful trader.

What is PipFarm

PipFarm is a funded trader platform

Following a successful screening test, we provide virtual trading accounts to remote traders and pay them a percentage of profits booked in the virtual account. We are not a broker, so we do not execute orders. We intend to use big data analysis to uncover patterns, trends, and insights that are not apparent through traditional analysis methods for our alternative proprietary trading strategies.

Expect incredible things

We won’t stop impressing you

After a year of intense development, we launched the first version of our funded trader platform. Unlike most of our competitors, we built our own dashboard and risk management system, giving us unlimited flexibility to innovate our product, starting with the industry’s first experience-based progression system giving lifetime perks to our community.

Leadership you can trust

Experienced management with powerful ideas

PipFarm is led by former cTrader executive James Glyde. James has over a decade of experience at the forefront of the online trading industry, having worked alongside established brokers and prop firms, such as TopFX, Scandinavian Markets and Nordic Funder. Expect James to apply his vast experience in product development, corporate governance and risk management to ensure that PipFarm exceeds your expectations.

James Glyde – CEO

“Running a successful funded trader program goes much further than viral marketing strategies. Behind the scenes, you can expect the best practices applied to every department.”

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Frequently asked questions

What is PipFarm?

PipFarm is a funded trader firm that offers remote traders the opportunity to evaluate their abilities and earn rewards based on their performance, much like a prop trader. Traders who pass our pre-funding screening process are onboarded as external contractors and remunerated based on their performance and compliance with program rules.

What is PipFarm?

PipFarm is a proprietary trading firm offering remote traders an opportunity to join the company and trade firm capital. Traders who pass our testing process are onboarded as external contractors and remunerated based on their performance.

Is PipFarm a financial institution?

No. PipFarm is a funded trader firm. We use remote traders to crowdsource trading signals for our sentiment-driven algorithm.

Is PipFarm licensed or authorised?

No. Proprietary trading is not regulated per the Singapore Securities and Futures Act 2001. While PipFarm is not authorised, the company still follows various regulations designed to protect consumers, such as the Singapore Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act 2003.